PhD projects

Completed PhD supervision:
  • C. van Halem, Protestant ministers in the Netherlands on Judaism: a statistical analysis (with P. van Geest). PhD defense: 08.06.2015.
  • L. Mock, On the ruah ra`ah in the responsa of the ultra-orthodoxy from 1945-2000 (with S. Berger). PhD defense: 01.12.2015. Cum Laude
Current PhD supervision:
  • M. Koole, Abraham Joshua Heschel on prayer as model for truth (with E. Borgman).
  • M. Zwart, Sacred space: the holy land in Rabbinic and early Christian literature compared (with E. Ottenheijm).
  • W. Jozias Jansen, Human rights and the confrontation between Christians and Muslims in Eastleigh, Kenia (with G. ter Haar).
PhD Co-supervision:
  • Junxiao Bai, Augustin on music (with P. van Geest).